Dipoflex, flexible tanks

Dipoflex is a range of flexible tanks for surface water storage that eliminates the need for drilling, excavation, movement, soil compaction, and building permits. It also enables the quick and easy installation of water reserves in hard-to-access places or remote locations. Dipoflex is an effective tool at the service of new water-related awareness, ideal for everyone who values water as a crucial, scarce and irreplaceable resource. The technical properties of the EPDM rubber sheets we use to make our tanks have been endorsed all over the world, with total satisfaction, during more than 30 years of civil and hydraulic engineering works, in waterproofing projects and creating large water reservoirs – offering exceptional outdoor service life expectancies even in high mountain areas, where considerable temperature changes occur over short periods of time. The elastic properties of EPDM sheets assist the bendability and transport of Dipoflex tanks on many occasions without damaging their folds or joints. Each unit undergoes an air test to assure its watertightness.




Water storage for feeding livestock, cleaning facilities or vehicles.

Collection and storage of slurry, minimizing odors and the risk of containing them in the open air. Biodigesters of methane gas.


Collection and utilization of rainwater via roof or porch. Water storage for agricultural use. Public or private garden watering.


Strategic forest enclaves of accessible surface tanks as a water reserve in case of fires, saving trip times and reducing movement.


Rainwater collection from your own roofs for later use. Temporary or auxiliary tanks for industrial processes without additional building works. Easy transport and empty access in mining operations or other hard-to-access activities.

Building Works

As a support during construction. Permanent or temporary ballast. Load tests. Recovery and re-use of water during watertightness tests.


Easy installation in hard-to-access places where constructing ponds or tanks is not viable. Humanitarian projects. Settlements for displaced populations due to natural disasters of geopolitical conflicts. Military settlements in remote areas.
Temporary emptying of pools or ponds for repairs or maintenance. Tanks for storm water regulation.


Transport of liquids in your own vehicles. The possibilities of custom-made tanks allow us to adapt to your vehicle’s measurements. 20- or 40-foot maritime containers, providing maximum safety for the content due to the reliability of our Dipoflex joints. The quality of the EPDM sheet allows for its reapplication in multiple uses.


Dipoflex tanks can serve as design elements on residential roofs, exploring different shapes and volumes. Allow for sitting and supporting oneself against them, encouraging the use of roofs as leisure areas and, in work centers, as spaces devoted to reflection and stress-reduction.


Urban gardens, cisterns for camping, RV trips or sailing.

In the event of storing chemical products or oils, contact the technical department.  


Exceptional service life

The makeup of the EPDM sheet with saturated molecular bonds avoids migration within its composition, providing for excellent behavior outdoors (ultraviolet exposure, ozone, etc.) and protection from attacks by microorganisms. This material is recognized for its prolonged experience in hydraulic engineering works used for over 25 years of outdoor exposure.


EPDM is an inert material that has no impact on the environment, as it doesn’t undergo migrations in its makeup. Its composition is completely free of chlorine. The EPDM sheet is recyclable.


EPDM’s elasticity and deformability allows the tank to be folded without causing weak spots. This characteristic simplifies logistics by allowing for the transport of large storage quantities in very little space once folded and palletized.

No building works

Dipoflex eliminates the need for drilling, excavation and/or soil movement, soil compaction, and building permits.
All you need is a perfectly flat and level surface, clear of sharp or pointy elements; then you spread out your Dipoflex and you’re ready to go!
They are ideal for facilities in mountainous areas, other hard-to-access places not easily accessed by machinery, or places with highly reduced accessibility (cisterns, basements, storage cellars, mines, etc.)


The properties of the EPDM sheet allow for folds and creases without damaging its internal structure, permitting the repetition of these actions without causing weak spots.

Flexible and elastic

The EPDM sheet allows for up to 300% stretching before breaking, which also means that your Dipoflex can substantially increase in size. The capacities stated by the manufacturer must always be respected.


Dipoflex tanks may be temporarily used, stored, and re-used throughout their service life cycle.

No bad odors

The tank noticeably reduces unpleasant odors when storing liquid. In addition, Dipoflex couplings have stoppers. Reduces attraction for mosquitos and insects.


No risk of falling for people or animals. Even so, we recommend fencing off access to any kind of tank.

No evaporation losses

Evaporation losses cause a decrease of resources. Dipoflex reduces these losses to a minimum.