Our Giscolene™ EPDM rubber membrane can be used on all kinds of roofing, both ballasted and totally adhered or with different mechanical anchorage options.


The Giscolene™ waterproofing system is made up of an EPDM rubber membrane, which comes in large modules, making installation quick and easy.


Our team has developed an EPDM rubber membrane with a vapour permeability index, which is a great deal higher than traditional membrane.


Giscolene™ can be used in all kinds of reservoirs regardless of size or sloping of its embankments.

Giscolene, the waterproofing reference.

default-giscosa-png1Welcome to the Giscolene website, a space for companies and professionals where you will find all the information available on our products and waterproofing systems. We are specialists in the manufacture of the best EPDM membranes for roofing, reservoirs, canals, basements, facades, etc. Our EPDM membranes have a life expectation of over 50 years.

Firestone is made up of people who place all their hopes and efforts on achieving waterproofing of buildings and preserve one of our most precious assets: water. We wish to contribute to make the world a sustainable place committing ourselves to improving the environment and our society’s quality of life. For this reason our work is based on commitment, confidence, transparency and flexibility; values which we share with our customers and suppliers.